Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Smooth move, dude!

Attention, book lovers!! RAVENSWOOD USED BOOKS is moving to a new location. Starting in April we'll be at 2005 West Montrose Avenue, just off Damen and only few blocks away from our old store  on Lincoln Avenue. We'll have more space, service by two bus routes ( Damen and Montrose ) and the brown line,  and great neighbors up and down the avenue, including lots of dining and snack shops, boutiques and specialists, including but not limited to a terrarium store. Same phone- 773-593-9166 - and great service by our trained staff of two, one an avid reader and the other an avid store owner. We're also going to have a great new sign across the store front, but for the moment please enjoy the crafty cut -out, not yet archived for publication,  by Jessica, our talented manager. ¶ See you on Montrose ASAP, and don't you dare miss it!

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