Friday, April 21, 2006

New photos of the bookstore and its smiley-face owner have just been posted at, and more can be seen at At this rate I will never have to spring for a digital camera, and my large collection of Nikon and Canon 35mm SLRs can continue to gather dust and go up or down in value. Paper Mustache, by the way, is an interesting project which aims to search out all of Chicago's independent bookstores. A noble and admirable ambition.
Stop by for a free handshake. But wait! We don't shake hands, sharing the sentiment with Donald Trump that this antiquated practice spreads disease. We prefer to bow, bump fists or elbows, or in some extremely limited and extraordinary circumstances, kiss.
For this reason, and because the store is so small, we also advocate the practice of tongue scraping as a daily toiletry ritual. Free lessons on this breath cleansing practice are given by request, and you will be directed, if need be, to a nearby resale shop where for a quarter you can buy a used ice tea spoon, the ideal tool for this indispensable act of personal hygiene, once it has been bent at the precisely correct angle and boiled for fifteen minutes. Yum!

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linguaphilia said...

Love this little shop on Lincoln Ave. Something different every time--an interesting conversation, a different piece of music playing in the background, a fresh stack of new stock! Thanks for the tricks and treats, Mr. Mall.