Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A brief welcome note:
Without getting into some bloggy musings about October, the weather, politics ( see our sister site ), any of which may appear in a later posting, allow me to welcome you to look in the window at a pile of Halloween related material- spooks, magic, myth, and other so-called occultishness.
The window, by the way, will soon undergo a larger transformation. Gone will be the Marshall Fields bag, for one, as well as the fabulous old porcelain sink pedestal supporting it. That stuff has been there since late last January, but people still stop to say, "gee, I just noticed your cute commentary on the late Marshall Fields". Yeah, we go, like REAL late.
A somewhat sad note: Last Sunday a customer came to the desk and, while actually buying a book, made an angry complaint about the volume on the stereo, on which multiple James Brown discs had been spinning for several hours. Such comments are welcome and encouraged, and we will even try to fill your request for specific music programs. There is no irony, sarcasm, or other implicit eyebrow raising in this statement. But hey, wait... CDs don't acutally spin, do they? If we had a larger store we would offer thousands of spinnable vinyls at $3.00 each. Audiophilic realtors take note.
A final note: a comment tab has recently been added to our blogs. It is spam proofed by the use of a sign-in program, but this does not require the entry of any personal information, email address, age, sex, or religious preference.
See you in the store

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