Thursday, December 13, 2007

Live from Lincoln Square, it's The Return of the Blog!
After months of  hibernation, the bookstore blog is up and running with a new email address  (, a new computer, and a new sales staff, namely Megan, whose photo will doubtless appear in short order.  We will soon be going online to sell, supplementing our fabulous street traffic business with world wide distribution of fine books.  No particular site has been chosen for this venture, but we'll keep you informed. 
In case the blogspot people do not allow our email address to appear in conventional fashion, as I have written it above, here is the phonetic version: clint 2 k at gmail dot com.  
Please write or call for specific titles.  The want list we have published somewhere down below is still current and unchanging.  Many of those titles are in stock although inventory varies from day to day, it is to be fervently hoped.
Reviews of the store abound across the web. Look at for a few good ones.  
Phone 773-593-9166 for more information.
 Ravenswood Used Books:   Be There or Be (Lincoln not ) Square, or words to that effect.

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