Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HELP! We've been Yelped! I've been braggin' it up that the store has a five star rating on Yelp, sharing that distinction with only one other used bookstore in town, but a recent visit to Yelp.com reveals evidence of an assassination attempt and the loss of one half star. This is due to a recently added TWO STAR review by one "T.C.", a visitor who just didn't get it. He mistook the store for a library, I guess, and demanded alphabetization. Despite some unsanctoned and unofficial efforts by Missy Mae (sic.), one of our three invaluable helpers, the store is not organized that way. It would be impossible to do it in such a small space, and would require a full time staffer to keep up with it. This is not an apology. It is a caveat. Love it or leave it. Or just like it enough to come back.
The mean reviewer, T.C., does not present a profile photo on his Yelp reviews, and a quick search turns up more of T.C.'s disapproving reviews of other Lincoln Square stores. Apparently, he is a serial mugger. I am inferring gender here because the bad reviews don't have a woman's voice. They imply an attitude I associate with guys who suffered abuse as children. Women from these unfortunate backgrounds tend to be less public when acting out their psychic pain. (Thank you, Dr. Jim )
Could this "T.C." be the same person who came in last week and complained non-stop about every book we recommended, after asking for advice? Then presented a twenty dollar gift certificate his neighbor, our customer, had given him in exchange for dog walking!
Of all da noyve!

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