Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We have just acquired a large collection of graphic novels, all in pristine condition and many unopened in original plastic wraps. Some are signed. This collection was formed by our customer over the last ten years or so, and lots of the books have got to be out of print by now.
We probably won't get around to posting an inventory by author, but some of your all time faves have got to be in this giant stack. Gaiman, Sandman, Green Lantern, Frank Miller, Batman, 100 Bullets, and one hundred more await your viewing pleasure. All of these will be priced at ten to fifteen dollars, and you'll be able to bargain for quantity purchases.
Graphic novels are among the hottest commodities in today's bookworld, and this collection predates the recent surge in interest which means that there are things in here that the tyro collectors don't have. You can make your bookshelf look like that of an advanced and highly sophisticated collector. Your friends won't think you in the least pretentious but just prescient and terribly canny!

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mighty jo said...

im a LOVE & ROCKETS girl myself...& EIGHTBALL.