Saturday, March 24, 2012

IN THE NEWS!! Bookstore owner discovered to have used company funds for automobile purchase. Chicago, March 2012. Jim Mall, owner of Ravenswood Used Books in Chicago's charming Lincoln Square, has admitted to using sales receipts to buy a Mercedes Benz. Mall, who usually bikes to work from his lakefront condo, was photographed in front of the store as he displayed the Craigslist find to admiring passersby. Questioned as to how the car was financed, Mall responded that he used cash as demanded by all Craigslist posters and that the money had been handed to him in exchange for hundreds or perhaps thousands of books sold to unsuspecting customers in the bookstore over a period of many years. ¶ As of press time no legal action has been taken to retrieve the funds or prosecute the shopkeeper.

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thechitowncubs said...

Hilarious. Love your store. I just was in today and your wonderful helper gave me a recommendation that looks spot on so far. Give her a raise... :p