Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A draw between Denis Johnson's Train Dreams, Karen Russell's Swamplandia, and darling David Foster Wallace's posthumously published The Pale King.

The store is the rare position of having no less than three of Wallace's books, including his first novel,  currently in possession. Come quick!

But wait, there's more!! Just found tucked under a pile of stuff at home is a copy of The Pale King! And the reader is advised that two editors have access to this page under different email addresses and passwords. These two never share plans  regarding posts, nor do they discuss the content of current articles. This absence  of communication in the newsroom could lead to problems in the future, but the issue now under consideration, D.F.W.'s books, is a simple matter of logging on and adding helpful information. It would also be helpful if  editors were to initial their posts so that an occasional vulgarity or other inappropriate content could be accurately attributed. J.M. ( currently enjoying Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad)  preceded in the first half by J.S. who has taken an active role in enlivening this blog. Thanks, J.S.

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