Friday, June 22, 2012

Under the Umberto Influence

It's a San Francisco day here in the Square. Although the vapors are light and breezy just beyond our doors, the atmosphere among the stacks sustains a palpable weight. Yes, dear Jim, both doors are open and a sufficient draft fans the customers as they wander/wonder, slack-jawed about.

Indeed, perhaps only I, to whom falls the incessant responsibility of administering hearty doses of literature to the passing, unbooked masses (yea e'en as I scribe, a lost soul caws from the sidewalk, "What's so special about this place?"), sense the gravity of the morning. For it is today, and it is here, that THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE has alighted from on high, making its incarnate home on the unworthy leather of our own desk/ledge/elbow-rest.

The deeply embossed cover and spine protect such treasures as THE BOOK OF FAMILIAR THINGS, THE BOOK OF WONDER, and THE BOOK OF CANADA. Holy subtitles encompass What Lies Behind Your Pen, Why Do the Winds Blow, Unknown Animals, and Hints and Tricks For Odd Moments.

Read and Learn, 
Oh Ones Blessed 
o' the Raven!

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