Friday, February 15, 2013

Reblogged: Moody Books

I was just delighted by the organizational principle of this list.

Some books I like that you might like.

“If you name an important book there is a very good chance I haven’t read it. I’m not against important books. I hope to write one someday. But I read what I like, before I read what’s important. That’s who I am.” Ta-Nehisi Coates.
Here are some books that I like that you might too. They’re organised by mood – that’s not always how we choose to buy, but it’s always how, in the end, we choose what to actually read.
The links all go to Amazon so you can see more info. But since most of them are old you can easily get them secondhand or on Ebay. Or at the library!
Oh and they’re all by women.
You’re thinking about growing up.
You want happiness, warmth and comfort.
You want a new gang of female friends.
You want to feel gripped.
You want to cry.
You want something that feels modern, revolutionary.
You believe in art and love.
You want Downton Abbey in book form.
  • The Light Years (the first volume of the Cazalet Chronicle, read them all!) by Elizabeth Jane Howard

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