Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hell's Belles

Months ago a title caught my eye - Womenfolks - by an Arkansan author, so i squirreled it away for safe keeping. Rediscovering it (much like a squirrel must after such a winter), i was wrapped around the first chapter instantly. That kinsome attraction brought to mind a favourite customer and fellow Arkansan's recommendation of another Ozarkian author hailed not as an unknown writer but "an undiscovered continent," Donald Harington. Perhaps he remains a continent undiscovered because locating his work feels like locating sunken Atlantis or floating Laputa. The vast vaults of our dearest CPL got nuthin. 

To soothe my stung hick pride, i extracted as many works by other Arkansan writers as i could find from the local branch. This June shall be dedicated to sweating through poetry, novels, and folklore hailing from the ridges and river valleys of the Natural State. So far the list includes such diamonds as Miller Williams, John Clellon Holmes, John Winks, Robert Palmer, Robert Vance, John Gould Fletcher, and Thomas Nuttal. Will report soon on this literary hitch-hike down yonder. 

p.s. If you got pronunciation problems, you got good reason.

-the oracle in residence

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