Monday, May 07, 2012

Tales of the Supernatural

Sir Jim returns on the morrow! The ship's gotta shape up! Generally, I don't like to share my store-keeper secrets. As in any apt magician's case, a smokey air of riddle and flash fosters a healthy wonder. I do not relieve my observers of their superstitions. So what I am about to show you is a once in a lifetime experience. And whatever you do,

beginning to feel like
the cask of amontillado... 


Voila! I have reduced
the stacks to teeeeeensy crumbs!

Did you catch that? Go now, young apprentices, and awe the masses!

(In the embarrassing instance that you did not, indeed, catch that feat, 
you may want to do your research. 
Come in the store for one of these supernatural greats):

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